How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Accord

2023 Honda Accord

Ensuring the long life and peak performance of your Honda Accord involves a critical task: resetting the oil light following each oil change. This guide will take you through the process of how to reset oil life on a Honda Accord, both newer and older models. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with essential information regarding the recommended Honda Accord oil type and how easy it is to schedule an oil change with our team in Gainesville!



How to Reset the Honda Accord Oil Life – Newer Models

How to reset oil life on a Honda Accord is a straightforward process that requires no specialized tools. Follow these simple steps to reset the oil light and ensure your vehicle’s engine remains in top condition:

  1. Start by turning on the car’s power without engaging the engine.
  2. Locate the Menu button, which is identifiable by the small “i” icon on the left side of the steering wheel. Press this button twice.
  3. After pressing the Menu button, press “Enter” and hold it until the maintenance screen appears on your dashboard.
  4. Scroll through the on-screen menu options until you find the oil life indicator, typically labeled as “Item A.”
  5. Press and hold the “Enter” button until the oil life resets to 100%.

By following these steps, you can efficiently reset the oil light on newer Honda Accord models, ensuring you always have accurate information about your oil’s condition.

How to Reset the Honda Accord Oil Life – Older Models

Resetting the oil light on older Honda Accord models is even simpler than on newer ones. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start the vehicle by turning on the power without engaging the engine.
  2. Locate the “SEL/RESET” button and press and hold it until the oil life indicator blinks. Then, release the button.
  3. Once the indicator stops blinking and resets to 100%, you have successfully reset the oil light on older Honda Accord models.

This straightforward process lets you stay informed about your oil’s condition, even in older Honda Accord models.

Honda Accord Oil Type

Whether you’re driving a new or pre-owned car, knowing the correct Honda Accord oil type is vital for keeping it in top shape and extending its lifespan. The recommended oil for your Honda Accord is 0W-20, a synthetic oil. This top-tier synthetic oil is perfectly suited for the Accord’s turbocharged engine, guaranteeing smooth road performance in the Cumming area and beyond. To dive deeper into the oil specifications for your Honda Accord, feel free to reach out to our service team at Milton Martin Honda. If you’re due for an oil change in Buford for your Honda Accord, scheduling an appointment with us online is a breeze.

Schedule Your Honda Accord Oil Change at Milton Martin Honda

Resetting your Honda Accord’s oil light is easy, but we’re here to help at Milton Martin Honda. We offer quick and affordable oil changes, along with other vehicle maintenance services. Located near Flowery Branch, we’re committed to keeping your Honda in great shape. Whether it’s an oil change or any other service you need, just drop by or contact us. For all your Honda maintenance needs, trust Milton Martin Honda to keep your car running smoothly. Explore other car tips like replacing a key fob battery or how to change a tire on your Honda.


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